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I’ve taken classes with Julia for over 10 years. Her extraordinary knowledge of human anatomy coupled with her innate teaching ability result in informative and motivational sessions. Julia concentrates on the physical strengths of her clients while vigilant of their limitations.  I always look forward to her classes – she’s the BEST!


When I met Julia and was introduced to NKT I had been experiencing chronic low back pain for 42 years. During those years I had been forced to give up just about every physical activity that I enjoyed. After just 2 NKT sessions with Julia it was hard for me to believe the pain relief I was experiencing. Now, 5 months after my initial appointment, I remain pain free. After 42 years of dealing with pain on a daily basis, I have my life back!


Taking mat classes on Zoom with Julia over the last year and a half has been a gift. Her varied and curated classes are the perfect prescription for keeping flexible, toned and mentally present.


For years I struggled with a limp when I first walked after sitting. Trying to correct this I went to physical therapy, acupuncture, had 2 epidurals all to no avail. While working with Julia she suggested trying scar release (MSTR). Voila!!! After 1 session I could walk without a limp! I found combining this with NKT improved many of my imbalance issues even more.


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